Jonc Blanc 

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I say unto you: one must still have chaos in oneself to be able to give birth to a dancing star” wrote Nietzche in “Thus Spoke Zarasoustra.” By wanting to normalize everything, the dominant viticulture ended up aborting a meteorite. To vibrate with living things is to accept a little chaos in the wine!
Jonc Blanc


The Jonc Blanc is first of all a place that gives its name to our wine estate. This name comes from the specific geology of the area: a white limestone plateau where the mother rock outcrops.


Le Jonc Blanc 24230 Vélines

Dordogne - FRANCE

+33 (0) 553 741 897

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Isabelle CARLES & Franck PASCAL

Jonc Blanc

Authentic and “natural” wines – with or without AOC
Biodynamic winemaking certified by Demeter
Member of Renaissance des Appellations
Crimson Perigord – Dordogne – France

Jonc Blanc

SENSITIVE practices

First, do no harm“, Hippocrates tells us in 410 BC.
This principle we apply as much as possible to our daily actions – and of course to the vine culture in particular. “Physiological” size of the vine, respect for the seasons and natural cycles, no trimming, no green harvest…


100% grape juice, that is the definition of the wine we use. Strictly speaking, it does not tolerate any additives or supplements. Indigenous yeasts, little or no sulfur, no additives and the minimum number of interventions: this is our credo.