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« There must be a little chaos in the wine to vibrate our emotions! »

It is often said that wine is not a” natural “product and that only vinegar is the true outcome of the” natural “transformation of grapes. It is often said that it is man who “makes” the wine and not nature.

Certainly! It must be recognized that for three thousand years man has used his inventiveness to stop the tendency of wine to become vinegar!

At all times, we have had to use plants, resins, honey, spices and other empirical recipes to preserve and enjoy the wine as long as possible.

Certainly, modern oenology, following Pasteur, made it possible to understand and better control a process that had not been understood until then. But it was at the price of the loss of a part of magic and poetry.

To date, it is regrettable that the development of a wine respectful of life and natural processes that allow its development, often results in an incompatibility with the tasting criteria imposed by the AOC through the decrees of INAO.

The absence of what oenologists call “defects” in relation to a known and now standardized production process is not a guarantee of quality, far from it! It would be to ignore the emotions that come from tasting a wine.

What about the intensity of the feeling, the perceived vibration? Is not the emotion in all respects superior to a chemical analysis that meets standards for wine ?

“There must be a little chaos in us, to give birth to a dancing star,” wrote Nietzsche in “Thus Spoke Zarasoustra.” By wanting to normalize everything, the dominant viticulture ended up transforming the dancing star into a meteorite stranded in a desert …

To vibrate with living things is to accept a little chaos in the wine!

Franck PASCAL – Winemaker in Dordogne, the other is in Champagne  😉

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