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The Jonc Blanc is first of all a place that gives its name to our wine estate. This name comes from the specific geology of the area: a white limestone plateau where the mother rock outcrops.

It is a unique place, a preserved islet, a singularterroir” characterized by omnipresent limestone, where geography is particularly favorable to the implementation of “sensitive” cultural practices such as Biodynamics.

Our parcels of vines are grouped together here, isolated from other crops by steep natural slopes and woods that surround the limestone plateau.

Specific research into the “terroir” of the region confirms the particularities of the Jonc Blanc domain. There are three types of “terroirs”: the white limestone known as “de Castillon”: a fairly hard white lacustrine limestone which constitutes the main part of the subsoil. The mother rock, very close to the surface, gives shallow soils (rendosols) suitable for vine cultivation. The loose ground is 15 to 25 cm, not more than that!

Another part of the soils also corresponds to a superficial soil, but on a base of limestone with Asteria (yellow Cretaceous limestone) flush with the surface, which is abundantly found in St Emilion.

Between the two limestones, there is a small band of “Marnes à Ostréa” which gives the wine iodized characters and an incomparable freshness!

These are typically wine-growing soils, which give a lot of minerality to the wines from which they are made. It ranges from freshness in the mouth, to saline mineral tension, and sometimes even a chalky tactile sensation in the mouth!

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Isabelle CARLES & Franck PASCAL

Le Jonc Blanc

Authentic and “natural” wines – with or without AOC
Biodynamic winemaking certified by Demeter
Member of Renaissance des Appellations
Crimson Perigord – Dordogne – France