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“FRUIT” is obviously what we are looking for in this cuvée… But make no mistake about it: it’s not a wine for thirst! It is a search for the essential, to delight the senses.

To get to the essence of a wine is first of all to eliminate the artificial means of ageing and, in particular, the use of wood.

Then, preserving the fruit means maturing on lees for a long time, at least 2 years, with no added sulphur.

The result is a balanced, harmonious wine, coming from a limestone soil that expresses itself through small red fruits, spices, in a full, velvety mouth, but with a tense finish.

FRUIT (red harmonious Wine no added sulphur : picnic, cold cuts, blackcurrant, blueberries, slice of coppa, grapes, wood, garden...)
JONC BLANC, FRUIT capsule violette : sans soufre ajouté
JONC BLANC, FRUIT étiquette : sans soufre ajouté
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Isabelle CARLES & Franck PASCAL

Jonc Blanc

Authentic and “natural” wines – with or without AOC
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Crimson Perigord – Dordogne – France